Monday, August 31, 2009

Week 14: Neue Deutsche Welle

So a couple of weeks ago my pal Laura from Portland wrote on my Facebook wall:
yours truly would like to request a neue deutsche welle mixkassette, bitte."

And then I played this Portland gig, and long story short there was a nightmarish planning mishap that left me stranded in the airport for 10+ hours. Laura came and rescued me, then proceeded to feed and entertain me until it was time for me to return to the airport. For future reference, this is the best possible way to get me to make a mixtape.

Anyway, Neue Deutsche Welle was a genre of music that came out of Germany (and, to a lesser extent, Austria) from about 1978 until the mid-1980s. The name literally translates to "New German Wave", and stylistically it drew heavily from punk, new wave, early industrial music, and musique concrète, but presented it in a distinctly German fashion, mostly in the German language. By about 1983, the sound had started to pick up enough that you had a lot of bad poppy imitations flooding the market, and things started to fall apart. Most of the original artists had moved on by '85, but the genre's influence can still be felt in EBM, New Beat, Industrial, Darkwave, Electroclash, Dance Punk, Minimal Techno, and whatever the kids are doing in Berlin these days. Here's a tape of my faves.

Chrissy's Year of Mixtapes Week 14: Neue Deutsche Welle

  1. Robert Görl; Mit Dir (Mute)
  2. Alphaville; Summer In Berlin (WEA)
  3. Robert Görl feat. Annie Lennox; Darling Don't Leave Me (12" Version) (Mute)
  4. Neon; Neon (Heimat)
  5. Joachim Witt; Goldener Reiter (WEA)
  6. Andreas Dorau & Die Marinas; Fred Vom Jupiter (Ata Tak)
  7. Der Plan; Ampel (Ata Tak)
  8. Grauzone; Film 2 (Welt-Rekord)
  9. Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft; Verschwende Deine Jugend (Virgin)
  10. Blindgänger; Spiel Ohne Worte (Wirklick Optimal)
  11. Gleitzeit; Ich Komme Aus Der DDR (Robot Records)
  12. 1. Futurologischer Congress; Rote Autos (Wagner Tonträger)
  13. Propaganda; Dr. Mabuse (ZTT)
  14. Der Plan; Commerce Exterieur Mondial Sentimentale (Ata Tak)
  15. 1. Futurologischer Congress; Stoned Im Dschungel (Wagner Tonträger)
  16. Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft; Im Dschungel Der Liebe (Virgin)
  17. Andy Giorbino; Modernes Japan (Zickzack)
  18. Palais Schaumburg; Telephon (Zickzack)
  19. Peter Schilling; Major Tom (WEA)
  20. Robert Görl; Berührt Verführt (Mute)
  21. Boytronic; Red Chips (Mercury)
  22. Alphaville; Forever Young (WEA)
NEXT WEEK: Belgian Rave, 1991.


  1. I sent this to my gay German coworkers and I just heard some Teutonic squeals of delight from the other side of the office.


    The original Single "Hohe Berge" (High Mountains), performed by Frl. Menke, was a Top 10 hit on the German single charts in 1982 and sold more than 2.5 million copies to date. "Hohe Berge" was one of the first songs to start a new music genre in Germany,
    namely the Neue Deutsche Welle (NDW).

    Next to Alphaville, Joachim Witt, Peter Schilling, Hubert Kah, Falco, Trio, UKW, Markus and others, Frl. Menke was one of the very few successful female artists, along with Ixi or Nena, when she stepped into the spotlight in 1982. Her hit single "Hohe Berge" became an instant success.

    Check out the music video on Youtube 

    and here is the iTunes link. This version is even more uptempo.. check it out

    Good luck with your beautiful site. I love it!

  3. I was going to say listening to the Vocal House mixes that you were making me have a gay moment (no closet thing here...just secure enough to say that you're that good) but this might be more of one for me. If I were gay, I'd want a time machine so I could go back and tell Klaus Nomi, "Hey, you need to slow down, dude" and we'd travel around in my time machine listening to this.

    I also needed to hear Dr. Mabuse today!

  4. I have to echo Phazorslut's comment. If I could pick out a soundtrack to the ultimate gay time machine, this would be played, for sure. And Vocal House. It would have to be powered by hip thrusting and grinding, of course.


    If you are ever stranded in Portland again, give me a ring!


  5. What happend to the classics

    D.A.F. - Der Mussolini

    Liaisons Dangereuses - Los Niños Del Parque

  6. I skipped over them because they are the obvious classics!

  7. Thanks for the fast answer.

    Listen to some your mixes right now,i'll put a comment later on.
    Anyway nice blog.