Monday, August 10, 2009

Week 11: 1990s Vocal House

Here's a tape of music I absolutely love but don't often get to play out: vocal house anthems of the 1990s. This stuff has always been and will always be amazing, but there are a lot of player haters who will try and talk trash because it's "too girlie" or it's "not experimental enough" or who knows what. Those people just don't get it. They're either closet-cases or they're too cool to like anything that doesn't have some cynical pomo veneer of irony. If you are one of those types, it's ok. Listen to this mix. Let the healing begin.
Anyway, despite my estrangement from the world of current trad-house (which I find to be epically yawn-inducing), I have always loved house music. I will go to the mat for house music. It is at the root of all of our electronic dance music culture, and even those of us who don't care for its sound owe it some respect. That having been said, here is a mix of my absolute favorite vocal tunes from the golden age of this genre. I hope you enjoy.
Oh, and before you mention it, here's what I have NOT included: What is Love, Rhythm is a Dancer, Another Night, For What You Dream Of, Mr. Vain, Strike It Up, Be My Lover, The Vengabus, or Barbie Girl. That is not house music. I love it, but it is not house music. Another day, another tape.

Chrissy's Year of Mixtapes Week 11, Side A: 1990s Vocal House

  1. Colonel Abrams; I'm Caught Up (MicMac)
  2. Jomanda; I Cried The Tears (Ralphi Rosario Extended Vocal) (Big Beat)
  3. Björk; Crying (Elektra)
  4. Jamie Principle; Date With The Rain (Smash Records)
  5. Deee-Lite; Power Of Love (12" Mix) (Elektra)
  6. Cathy Dennis; Touch Me (All Night Long) (Chrissy Re-Edit) (SBK)
  7. Alison Limerick; Where Love Lives (Perfecto Mix) (Arista)
  8. Photon Inc. f. Paula Brion; Generate Power (Club Mix) (Strictly Rhythm)
  9. Funky Green Dogs From Outer Space; Reach For Me (Murk)
  10. Annie Lennox; Little Bird (House of Gypsies Version) (Arista)
  11. Coco Steel & Lovebomb; Set Me Free (Chrissy Re-Edit) (Warp)
  12. Masters At Work f. India; I Can't Get No Sleep (MK Remix) (Cutting Records)
  13. Swing 52; The Joy You Bring (Original Classic Twelve) (Cutting Records)
  14. Madonna; Deeper & Deeper (Shep Pettibone Deep Makeover) (Maverick)
Chrissy's Year of Mixtapes Week 11, Side B: 1990s Vocal House
  1. Utah Saints f. Gwen Guthrie; What Can You Do For Me? (Chrissy Re-Edit) (FFRR)
  2. Cathy Dennis & David Morales; Find The Key To Your Life (SBK)
  3. Repercussions; Promise Me Nothing (Dusk 'Til Dawn Sampladelic RMX) (Reprise)
  4. Bizarre Inc. f. Angie Brown; Took My Love (Knew Family Club Mix) (Vinyl Solution)
  5. CeCe Peniston; Finally (Classic Funk Mix) (A&M)
  6. Eddie "Flashin'" Fowlkes f. Maurissa Rose; Let Us Pray (Tedd & Hippie RMX) (Bold! Soul Records)
  7. Kings of Tomorrow; Ancestors (Blackwiz Vocal Mix) (Deep Vision Records)
  8. Opus III; When You Made The Mountain (MK Remix) (EastWest)
  9. Abstract Truth; We Had a Thing (Matty's Body & Soul Mix) (Streetwave)
  10. Madison Avenue; Don't Call Me Baby (The Dronez Old School Vocal Mix) (VC Recordings)
  11. Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam; Let The Beat Hit 'Em (C+C Club Mix) (Epic)
  12. Reality; Yolanda (Strictly Rhythm)
  13. DSK; What Would We Do? (Steve "Silk" Hurley RMX) (FFRR)
  14. Crystal Waters; Gypsy Woman (Stripped To The Bone) (Mercury)
  15. NuYorican Soul f. Roy Ayers; Sweet Tears (One Rascal Edit) (Talkin' Loud / BBE)
  16. Martha Wash; Come (Danny D RMX) (Logic)

NEXT WEEK: UK Rave Tunes, 1991.


  1. this is the ones. this and the new jack swing.. are my favs SO FAR

  2. You nailed the mix on this one! 45 minutes for each side, too! Where's my double tape-deck boom box?


  3. can you do a david morales best-of mix, please?