Monday, September 7, 2009

Week 15: Belgian Rave, 1991

Here's the promised follow-up to the 1991 UK Rave tape from a few weeks back: a tape of 1991 rave classics from Belgium (with a couple of tunes from the Netherlands thrown in for good measure). Although the states invented techno and the UK invented raving, Belgium was really where Europe's electronic dance music scene as we know it first kicked off. The Belgians have a rich history of electronic dance music, starting with a big hi-NRG scene and experimental bands like Telex, then continuing on to EBM & New Beat (which I will get to later in the year—in the meantime find some more info here and here).

Anyway, suffice it to say that the Belgians were early adopters of American house & techno, and they really ran with it, creating a distinctive sound and style long before the British managed to. As in England, however, 1991-1992 were really the prime years for Belgian techno. So here's a tape!

Chrissy's Year of Mixtapes Week 15: 1991 Belgian Rave Tunes

  1. Digital Orgasm; Moog Eruption (Trance Mission)
  2. Daydreamer; Happy Dreams (Dance Opera)
  3. The Outlander; Vamp (R&S Records)
  4. Channel X; Double Defused (Beat Box International)
  5. Automaton; Inside Your Mind (R&S Records)
  6. EDC; No Pills (Tink!)
  7. Air of Gloom; Meditation (Astro Mix) (Beat Box International)
  8. Code Red; In Your Dreams (Chrissy Re-Edit) (Mental Radio)
  9. Human Resource; Dominator (Frank De Wulf Mix #2) (R&S Records)
  10. R.T.Z. Belgium; Dance Your Ass Off (Chrissy Instrumental Edit) (Decadance)
  11. Ottorongo; Five O'Clock My Ass (Holy Hole Music)
  12. Channel X; Groove To Move (Instrumental) (Beat Box International)
  13. 2 Unlimited; Get Ready For This (Orchestral Mix) (Byte Records)
  14. Set Up System; Fairy Dust (Big Time International)
  15. Laura D; Be Allright (Music Man)
  16. Praga Khan; Rave Alarm (Underground Mix) (Beat Box International)
  17. Fun Lab; Wave (Trance Mission)
  18. CJ Bolland presents Ravesignal III; Mindwar (R&S Records)
  19. Plexus; Cactus Rhythm (DiKi Records)
  20. Rave Crusader; World Destiny (Flying Piano Mix) (Beat Box International)
  21. Master Minds; E.M.F. (Mackenzie)
  22. Meng Syndicate; Sonar System (Music Man)
  23. Lords of Acid; Take Control (Complete Kaos)
  24. Angel Ice; Je N'aime Que Toi (Love Mix) (Beat Box International)
  25. The Mackenzie; Cyclotron (Atomic Kick) (Mackenzie)
  26. Neon; Waves (Techno Mix) (Rave 55)
  27. Frequency; Kiss The Sky (Lower East Side Records)
NEXT WEEK: Hardstep.


  1. so i think i've listened to this mix seven times already. damn, it's sooooo good it hurts. no missteps, hits everywhere, never lets up, etc, yeah, ok, i'll shut up before i embarrass myself, but wow. yeah.

  2. Can I link this mix in to my download page please? This mix is amazing :)

    ps Do you wanna swap links?

    Bye! Dan

  3. Definitely enjoyed it. You keep opening me up to genres I've never even heard of. Props.