Monday, March 1, 2010

Week 40: Juke

This week we have a mixtape of a genre very dear to my heart—Juke. It's a type of uptempo dance music from Chicago that grew out of Ghetto House, much like ghettotech from Detroit. The two scenes have a lot in common—overlapping musical heritage, an overlapping set of big hit tunes, and similar footwork-oriented dance styles, but actual juke & ghettotech are different in some key ways:

1. Juke is (usually) from Chicago, Ghettotech is (usually) from Detroit.
2. Juke uses a lot of tom tom drums, Ghettotech doesn't.
3. A lot of juke tracks use the bass drum as a melodic element as well as a rhythmic element, pitching it up and down to define the chord structure of the track. Ghettotech usually doesn't do this either.
4. Ghettotech tends to adhere either to a four-on-the-floor rhythm pattern or a Miami Bass / Booty Bass / Electro rhythm pattern. Juke is a lot more varied, rhythmically.

The lines between the two are blurry, and certain things are a bit of both. Still, they are very different styles, and a lot of people miss that. Anyway, here is a tape to catch you up on the last ten (or so) years of juke.

  1. DJ Nephets; Juke N Money
  2. Paul Johnson / DJ Puncho; Get Get Down Low (DJ Gant-Man Remix)
  3. DJ Nephets; Down To The Ground
  4. DJ D-Man; One, Two, Three, Four
  5. DJ Deeon; Per-Cu-L8
  6. Parris Mitchell Project feat. Waxmaster; Ghetto Shout Out
  7. M.A.W. feat. India; I Can't Get No Sleep (DJ Gant-Man Remix)
  8. DJ Nephets; Wanna Party
  9. DJ Deeon; Freak U Rite
  10. Juketastrafe; Work Baby
  11. Beta SP; Bacteria (Chrissy Murderbot Remix)
  12. Green Velvet feat. Russoul; Walk (DJ Gant-Man Remix)
  13. N.O.R.E.; Nothin' (DJ Nephets Remix)
  14. Waxmaster; Footwork
  15. DJ Nephets; Juke Somebody
  16. DJ Nephets & Lil Wish; Pop Drop
  17. DJ Gant-Man vs. BBD; Poison (Juked Out Remix)
  18. Mike Love; Nappy Headed Hoes
  19. Chrissy Murderbot & DJ Gant-Man; I Nutted In You
  20. Justice; Let There Be Light (DJ Funk Bounce That Ass Remix)
  21. DJ Rashad & DJ Gant-Man; Juke Dat Juke Dat
  22. Mic Terror; Juke Dem Hoes (Maddjazz Remix)
  23. DJ Chip; Do The 40s
  24. Twista; Pimp Like Me
  25. DJ Lil Tal; Pop Yo Back
  26. Kid Sister; Damn Girl (DJ Gant-Man Remix)
  27. DJ Chip; Juke Slide
  28. R. Kelly; Through The Hood (DJ Nephets Remix)
  29. Waxmaster; Work Out
  30. DJ Deeon; The Freaks (Remix)
  31. DJ Slugo; Where The Rats
  32. Chrissy Murderbot feat. Tha Basix; Red Bone (The Yoshi Track)
  33. Dude N Nem; Watch My Feet (Remix feat. BNC)
  34. Waxmaster; You Big Dummy
  35. DJ Rashad & DJ Chi Boogie; Ay Yo Yo
  36. DJ Pillsbury; Sugar Plum Fairy Dance
  37. DJ Rashad; Get It Shorty
  38. DJ Chi Boogie; 1,2,3,4
  39. Three 6 Mafia; Don't Call Me No More (DJ D-Block Remix)
  40. Traxman; Pac-Man
  41. DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad; Bob It Low
  42. Juketastrafe; Juke Dat Juicy Booty
  43. DJ Rashad; Roy Ayers Show
  44. DJ Spinn; Bounce N Break Yo Back
  45. DJ Solo; Let Me See You Bounce
  46. DJ Remi; Get Down On Tha Ground
  47. DJ Rashad; Deep Inside '06
  48. DJ Rashad; In Da Club Before 11 O'Clock
  49. DJ Deeon; Like We Do
  50. Maddjazz; Beeper Juke Remix
  51. DJ Diamond; Footwork Twist Em Up
  52. DJ Gant-Man; Juke Dat Girl From The Back (DJ Rashad Remix)
  53. DJ Spinn; Feelin' U
  54. Juketastrafe; Get Retarded
  55. DJ Deeon; Debo Juke Slide
  56. DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad; That Booty
  57. DJ Spinn; Mario Revenge
  58. Traxman; Newports
  59. DJ Slugo; 114799 (The Godzilla Track)
  60. Mariah Carey; Always Be My Baby (Thunderous Olympian Remix)
NEXT WEEK: Synth-Pop.


  1. haha i know right? LIFE-CHANGING

  2. i nutted in you = new fav track. you sir disgust me, but only in really good ways


  3. <3 it. Why is Chicago so freaking awesome for beats?

  4. this is ridiculously amazing!

  5. U nutted in this mix. Would love to hear a Hacienda flavored, manchester house mix if ya feels it

  6. I was waitin for this one to pop up! Haven't listened to this yet but the tracklist looks solid. Glad to see Lil Wish - Pop Drop on thurr.

  7. How come DJ Clent- Bounce isn't on there, its the fukin epitome of juke music. Its the official juke Anthem. The list is dope but come on, you can NOT make a juke mixtape and not have Bounce on there.

  8. sheeeeit, where can I find that Mariah Carey remix? sick mix, nice timing too what w/ juke's increasing influence in London

  9. T.O. is on my label so I got it from him direct, but I think it's been blogged a couple of for it on hype machine or something.
    PS: catch me in London May 7 @ ZShed!!! :)

  10. hmmm, couldn't find the remix on google or hypemachine, I'll ask jason on twitter. yeah might well make that london date, have you got a link for that? big ups

  11. Really like this one...thanks!

  12. Most enjoyable old bean! Reminds me of the glorious Relief/Dancemania era of the early 90s, when I was partial to raving hard!

  13. Incredible mix!! Can't wait for tonite at SubT!

  14. I'd never heard of Juke (forgive my naive ears), but this mixtape is wicked! And it inspired me to make this;
    It probably sounds nothing like the real thing,but i hope you like it. Martha. x

  15. Oops! Broken link. This is the one...

  16. Awesome!!! I've also been posting about juke on Bassadelic (my site) and I'm probably gonna be playing this tape out all day. So, very sincerely, ThANK YOU so MUCH for posting this!!!

    Also, thanks for posting such an extensive playlist. Often when I download a mixtape, I don't see any credits, so when I do, that's always a plus.

    Anyway, props for playing out some good Chicago juke material! Great knock man!!!!! Diggin it!! :-D