Monday, February 22, 2010

Week 39: New Beat / EBM

I'm not gonna go on much about this one, because I've already blathered enough about it in this mixtape for Mashit from 2007. And this article I wrote for XLR8R.

Without being too terribly redundant, let's just say that a lot of fun music came out of Belgium in the late 1980s. There was EBM (which stands for Electronic Body Music)—basically a really-dancey Belgian version of industrial—and New Beat, which was a slowed-down, tarted-up combination of EBM + Chicago House + Euro-pop. EBM/New Beat bridged the gap between American house/techno and European rave, by way of a lot of post-punk/gothic/industrial influence. The music itself is slowed down and slutty and completely mindless, so obviously I adore it. Here's a mixtape!

Chrissy's Year of Mixtapes Week 39: New Beat / EBM.
  1. Bazz; The Drop Deal (Chrissy Edit) (DiKi Records, 1988)
  2. Boytronic; Bryllyant (New Beat Mix) (Rush Records, 1986)
  3. Jade 4 U; Rainbows (Instrumental) (Subway, 1988)
  4. Telex; Rendez-vous dans l'espace (Magnetic Dance, 1988)
  5. Nasty Thoughts; Acid Sex (Acid Version) (Kaos Dance Records, 1989)
  6. A Split-Second; Flesh (New Beat Mix) (Antler Records, 1986)
  7. Nitzer Ebb; Warsaw Ghetto (Rush Records, 1986)
  8. Insekt; Control Your Fear...Now! (New Beat Mix) (KK Records, 1990)
  9. Neon; Voices (Target Records, 1988)
  10. Zsa Zsa LaBoum; Something Scary (Kaos Dance Records, 1988)
  11. Public Relation; Eighty-Eight (Instrumental) (R&S Records, 1988)
  12. Logo; Businessman (12" Version) (USA Import, 1988)
  13. Trisomie 21; Take The Shock Away (Play It Again Sam, 1989)
  14. Sister Movie; Hold Me (Complete Kaos, 1989)
  15. Edwards & Armani; Acid Drill (Instrumental) (MG Records, 1988)
  16. Agaric; I Am Gonna Beat Dis (Instrumental Acid Mix) (Kaos Dance Records, 1988)
  17. Gail Robinson; Bust Your Body (Chrissy Edit) (N.B.S. Records, 1989)
  18. Groupietemple; I'm Your Acidbaby! (Big Sex / Contempo, 1989)
  19. Unknown Artist; ??? (white label, 1988)
  20. L&O; Even Now (Target Records, 1988)
  21. The Neon Judgement; TV Treated (Kleo / LD Records, 1982)
  22. The Invincible Limit; Push! (Last Chance Records, 1986)
  23. Front 242; No Shuffle (Another Side, 1985)
  24. Rhythm Device; Higher Destiny (Music Man Records, 1990)
  25. Royal Guards; New Beat Is Clean (Instrumental) (Target Records, 1989)
  26. Major Problem; Love Parasite (Beat Box International, 1990)


  1. post updated with release dates :)

  2. i just discovered this site and am amazed. the history of club music condensed into a single blog. you sir are a legend!

    will we get a classic 80's freestyle mixtape possibly?

  3. Back on form man - I have to admit, I wasn't really feeling most of Jan and Feb, but this and Chicago House last week are really fantastic.

    Keep it up!

  4. DUDE loving this one. maybe my fave so far.

  5. PS Sorry if my comment about not seeing some familiar faces came off as snarky or dickish, i know you know the genre much better then I and I'm glad you dug deep for some nice New Beat tunes. Will enjoy your mix and check out what you were nice enought to offer us. Thanks again for your site.

  6. haha no worries homie! the reason I didn't put a lot of that stuff on the mix was that I already did a new beat mix 2 years ago that has a lot of the more well-known stuff on it. Check it out here:

  7. While I'm at it do you know why KLF seems to be lumped in under New Beat? The entry AllMusic has only LOA and the KLF and even Ishkur had a track "Grim Up North" under New Beat. Don't know why a well known British act got lumped in under a Belgium scene. Any idea?

    Also I've seen Ecstacy Club - Jesus Loves the Acid under those 2 lists i left yah and saw that track on the "Hard Beat - 1st Compilation" CD. Is that regarded as a New Beat track or an acid house track that got sadly lumped into the scene?

  8. I know those tracks were popular in the Belgian scene, so some people lump them in as new beat just because they were popular in the new beat scene, when they aren't REALLY new beat...

  9. Thanks man! That makes sense. Appreciate the Q&A and keep up the great work

  10. The unknown white label might be the Residents "Diskomo"

  11. YES YES YES.

    Tracklist looks sweet. Another mix to add to the growing pile of Murderbot.

    Big love

  12. THIS MIX IS BRYLLYANT!! BIG FANS OF NU BEAT! big ups from Australia!

  13. Brilliant mix - thank you!
    This was my genre back in the day and, to my ears, holds up quite well. Takes me right back to my favorite spot on the dancefloor at Medusa's on Sheffield ('84-88). kudos, cheers.

  14. What? no Plastic Bertrand?!?!? j/k
    Bryllyant indeed. i just found this site killing time here at the office. i am loving this newbeat mix. i'm definitely going to check out your other posts!

  15. Awesome mix, keep going back to it.