Monday, April 12, 2010

Week 46: The Year in Jungle—1994

Over the life of this blog, I've spent a lot of time blathering about how amazing 1991-1992 was for dance music. Before this year of mixtapes project is over, I really ought to devote a tape to 1994, the year jungle music really came into its own. 1994 was the year I really started buying dance records in quantity with the intention of becoming a DJ or whatever, and it was really the peak of the jungle scene. The whole genre just seemed so crazy and revolutionary and new, and SO MANY CLASSIC tracks came out every week that it was just impossible for a high-schooler in Kansas City to keep up.

So yeah, here's a tape of some of my favorites. I've tried to really run the gamut from ambient wishy-washy dolphin music to mashed-up dread bass to ruff-and-rugged amen ragga smashers. Enjoy!

  1. Deep Blue; The Helicopter Tune (Rufige Kru Remix) (Movin' Shadow)
  2. DJ Hype feat. MC GQ; Roll the Beats (Remix) (Suburban Base)
  3. Sponge; The Crash (Suburban Base)
  4. Area 39; Attitude (Bear Necessities)
  5. Goldie; Saint Angel (Metalheadz / FFRR)
  6. DJ Hype; Mash Up Da Place (Origin Unknown Remix) (Ganja Records)
  7. Droppin' Science Vol. 3; Firin' Line (Droppin' Science)
  8. A Guy Called Gerald; Finley's Rainbow (Juice Box)
  9. Aladdin; We Enter (Deep Forest Dub) (Aphrodite)
  10. Amazon II; Beat Booyaaa! (Remix) (Aphrodite)
  11. Jungle Warrior; No Surrender (Pure Warrior Style) (Strictly Underground)
  12. DJ Dextrous & Rude Boy Keith; King of the Jungle (VIP) (Kings of the Jungle)
  13. DJ Krome & Mr. Time; Studio One Lik (Tearin' Vinyl)
  14. Johnny Jungle; Johnny '94 (DJ Dextrous Remix) (Suburban Base)
  15. Tom & Jerry; Dancer (Tom & Jerry)
  16. Sophisticated Bad Boyz; Feel the Magic VIP (Suburban Base)
  17. DJ Dextrous; With A K (Subliminal)
  18. Urban Jungle; Back in the Days (Jungle Mania)
  19. Mental Power; Real (Formation Records)
  20. Dred Bass; Dead Dred (Origin Unknown Remix) (Movin' Shadow)
  21. The Dream Team; Yeah Man (Joker Records)
  22. Fallen Angels; Hello Lover (Desired State Remix) (IQ Recordings)
  23. Dillinja; Baby Your (Logic Productions / Breakdown Records)
  24. Undercover Agent; Oh Gosh (Juice)
  25. Noise Factory; The Future (Strictly Underground)
  26. Remarc; Thunderclap (White House Records)
  27. Dextrous & Teebone; Top Gun (Subversive Records)
  28. Pooch & Hursee; Baby Baby (Cut & Run)
  29. D'Cruze; Lonely (Suburban Base)
NEXT WEEK: Giorgio Moroder.


  1. "Ambient wishy-washy dolphin music": A+. Can't wait to listen.

  2. Blip-Bleep-Boom-Boom-Boom. Blip-Blip-Boom-Boom. Just what I wanted/expect from Jungle. Been waiting for this one for a while... Thanks!

    On another note, I have finally caught up to your mixes... Listened to every one of 'em. Shit, you put so much effort into these, I figured there should be at least one person in the world who has heard all of them. I'm at 50+ hours of listening at this point, I think... Crazy.

    Anyway, thanks again for all your work, eagerly awaiting next week.


  3. i discovered this site some time last night and have been listening to them all solidly since then.
    at first i thought 'what does this young upstart know about european dance music', but you obviously know your stuff and have done well not to be too obvious in your selection
    i think you define some genres a little too autistically, esp italo disco - i believe italo as a genre transcends nationality so dutch italo counts - mind you that could be another mixtape!
    anyway, i've posted a link to the blog on a few forums and it's appreciated by many.
    good work fella!

  4. @Chris - another dope mixtape; gotta rank as one of my favourites and eagerly awaited. It's like a Diploma in Dance Music

    @Matthew - you're not alone, I've listened to every mix without fail and suspect others have too :-)

  5. Actually, I am amazed at how much I'm loving this, Jungle can be VERY annoying. but your selection was among the best. thanks again!
    Have you ever heard of wolfgang voigt/GAS?
    Can't wait for the moroder mix!

  6. keep that comin, buay

  7. I've made my way through almost all of these, and I must say this is one of the real highlights.

    Definitely comes over as a labour of love.

    It's also nice to hear so many new tunes which are undisputed classics. I got into D'n'B in '96, when it was all Jump Up (whatever you colonials might call it), so it's good to catch a bit of history that I'd missed out on.