Monday, January 18, 2010

Week 34: Booty Bass

This week, as a palette-cleanser for the non-disco-fans after all the disco of recent weeks, is a mixtape of Booty Bass. The term "booty bass" really comprises a lot of genres (Miami Bass, Freestyle, Hip Hop Electro, and Detroit Electrofunk to name a few), but they're all pretty much tied together by big, 808-driven drum machine breaks topped off with raps about ass-shaking. The key differences between this stuff and, say, ghettotech/ghetto house/juke would be the breakbeats, and the hip-hop song structure.

It's easy to forget how HUGE this stuff was in the states in the '90s, but looking back on it a lot of these tracks were Top 40 mega-hits here. I've been told by a few people that this stuff never really made it across the pond, which is a shame. I guess this was our cultural equivalent of UK Garage, perhaps?

Anyway, for this tape I've left out the Detroit Electro / Electrofunk stuff, which I'll cover some other week. I've decided to focus on classics from the 90s (some well-known, others more underground), with a few 80s proto-anthems and a couple of more recent tunes as well. Enjoy!

[big PS: the views expressed in these songs do not necessarily represent my views w/r/t "the ladies". except for the ones where they do.]

Chrissy's Year of Mixtapes Week 34: Booty Bass.
  1. MC Zeus; It Ain't A Crime
  2. Jock-D; Partytime '91
  3. Cybotron; Clear (Jose "Animal" Diaz Remix)
  4. The 69 Boyz; Tootsie Roll
  5. Danny D & DJ Wiz; Get On Up And Dance (Remix)
  6. Ghost Town DJs; My Boo
  7. Model 500; Night Drive (Time, Space, Transmat)
  8. Sir Mix-A-Lot; Baby Got Back
  9. Tag Team; Whoomp! (There It Is)
  10. E.V.I.A.N. & The Atlantis Posse; Techno City
  11. DJ Laz & Danny D; Miami El Negro (Club Mix)
  12. Sabo; La Negra Chula
  13. Sammie; I Like It (Remix)
  14. Freak Nasty; Da Dip
  15. 2 Live Crew; Get It Girl
  16. DJ Funk; Get The Hoe
  17. DJ Smurf; Shakin'
  18. Splack Pack; Shake That Ass Bitch!
  19. Playa Poncho; Whatz Up Whatz Up (A-Town Mix)
  20. 2 Live Crew; Come On Babe (Doo Doo Brown Mix)
  21. Quad City DJs; C'mon Ride The Train
  22. Luke; Scarred
  23. Splack Pack; Scrub Da Ground
  24. Half Pint; One Leg Up
  25. DJ Kizzy Rock & DJ Smurf; Let Me See U Ride
  26. DJ Smurf; 4 Pt. Stance
  27. Creep Dogg; Bounce Tha Bootie
  28. Disco & The City Boyz; Wiggle Wiggle
  29. Johnny Moog; Dope Love (Chrissy Murderbot Remix)
  30. DJ Smurf; Pop That Thang Girl (Remix)
  31. Godz Of The Quad; 2 The Flo
  32. Luke f. No Good But So Good; Raise The Roof
  33. Bone Thugs N Harmony; Crossroads (DJ Magic Mike Remix)
  34. DJ Marquis; Rock This
  35. Godz Of The Quad; Can U Feel It
NEXT WEEK: A Farewell to Dubstep.


  1. Hahahaha i love this kind of type of music,keeep up the GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You need to collect videos of people rocking out to these...thanks for another hit!

  3. homie...i just bought my first ipod about 8 months ago (not being able to dj out here in SF, i've had to find a different way to enjoy my music)...

    you've filled up most of the little gadget. this site is one of the greatest ideas ever. please don't stop at one year. this is phenomenal. the ambient jungle mix, specifically, is one of my top favorites right now.

  4. We used to use these CD's back when I worked at a sound studio to test out speakers after an install. It never stopped being funny..

  5. You know what I love about your mixes, CMBot? You have love for all genres and you're completely unpretentious. It's easy to dismiss an entire genre as crap. It's more difficult to discover something new, which is why fewer people bother.

  6. Sammie, Ghost Town DJ's, Quad City DJ's...nothing compared to when you put on scarred by Luke. I almost shit my pants.

  7. Once again awesome man. please keep up the good work.

  8. YAAASS this is fucking brilliant