Monday, June 15, 2009

Week 3: Bleep Tape

So this week I've got a mixtape of Bleep, which was a genre from the north of England that existed / was fashionable for a (very) brief period in the early nineties. It was one of Britian's first attempts at a homegrown style of electronic dance music (i.e. something that wasn't directly ripping off Chicagoan acid house tunes), and perhaps the best way to describe it is as a mixture of Detroit Techno and Britain's own West-Indies-derived love of all things bass-heavy. This brief moment in dance history is also notable for being where the whole Warp Records/LFO/Designers Republic/Nightmares On Wax/Aphex/Baby Ford scene grew out of. I've not had the opportunity to play any of this stuff for quite a while, and it feels somewhat relevant again (in light of the whole dubstep / bassline / future garage explosion), so here goes.

Chrissy's Year of Mixtapes Week 3: Bleep
  1. Forgemasters; Stress (Network)
  2. Cyclone; Internal Memory (Network)
  3. Nightmares On Wax; I'm For Real (Warp)
  4. Tricky Disco; Tricky Disco (Warp)
  5. The Art of Noise; Catwalk (The Ground Mix) (China)
  6. Baby Ford; Blow Back (Insumision)
  7. Tomas; Mind Song (Warp)
  8. Tuff Little Unit; Join The Future (Warp)
  9. Juno; Soul Thunder (Bassic)
  10. LFO; Love Is The Message (Beware Of The Bass Remix) (Tommy Boy)
  11. Too Critical; Tension (white)
  12. Rhythmatic; Take Me Back (Let's Go Back) (Network)
  13. The Boys From Chariss; Computer Boom (white)
  14. The Step; Yeah You (Robert's Mix) (Warp)
  15. Sweet Exorcist; Clonk (Warp)
  16. Xon; Dissonance (Network)
  17. N-Joi; Techno Gangsters (DeConstruction)
  18. CoCo Steel & Lovebomb; Feel It (Warp)
  19. Cyclone; Stream (Network)
  20. Forgemasters; Pump Me (Network)
  21. Nightmares On Wax; Aftermath (LFO Remix) (Warp)
  22. LFO; LFO (Remix) (Warp)
  23. Sweet Exorcist; Psych Jack (Warp)
NEXT WEEK: Toponyms.


  1. i wonder if the nightmares on wax or the lfo remix was a record i traded to you. i love you nerdiness when i comes to forgotten styles. you're like a history teacher... cheers!

  2. The Nightmares on Wax 12" I bought back in the day, but I am pretty sure that the "Love is the Message" remix came from your collection once upon a time...that promo pressing on Tommy Boy, right?

  3. Yesterday when I was cleaning out my room, I found a doodle you made for me circa 2005.

    It includes an ugly mermaid. You win.

  4. Nice to see one of our tunes got played at least once... :)


  5. Nice to see one of old tunes still getting played... Thanks ;)

  6. wait, which one? I'm interested to hear which of these tunes you were involved in...

  7. If this mix was a sandwich at McDonald's I'd call it the McDope Burger. I like some of Aphex's stuff, so the exposure to this era of electronica was a real treat.


  8. very nice tape. as you said right on the bridge between the rave stuff and the idm movement. just in the middle. brilliant mixing too.

  9. When I found your "Year of Mixtapes" blog I knew I'd be listening to your mixes for quite a while... this is one of my favs so far; the tunes are just so nice (I love Tuff Little Unit; Join The Future) :-)

    Expect comments on other mixes over time!