Monday, June 1, 2009

Week 1: Tin Pan Tape

So here I am, starting things off... Tape #1 is a set of dancehall, but specifically a lot of Tin Pan stuff from the late '80s / early '90s. For those unfamiliar, this was a specific dancehall era / sound that was (generally) characterized by a 3-step snare pattern over a 4/4 kick, with big sine wave bass on top. Often there's some rolling snare business added in that almost verges on a marching band sound. Anyhoo, this tape is a lot of big big tin pan choons and some lesser known cuts as well, some old, some newer revival cuts, and some other four-on-the-floor dancehall action that just fits in well--enjoy!

Oh, and I should give a shout to my homie Dub Boy from Brizzle...I was over at his house a few months ago and we had a big vinyl-to-mp3 encoding party. He was kind enough to let me rip a truckload of his dancehall 45s, so a fair chunk of this mix (15%, if you wanna get really nerdy about it) is from his library.

Chrissy's Year of Mixtapes Week 1: Tin Pan
  1. Super Cat; Word Sound & Power
  2. Conroy Smith; Dangerous
  3. Wayne Wonder; Bashment Girl
  4. Tanya Stephens; Yuh Nuh Ready Fi Dis Yet
  5. Frisco Kid; Rubbers
  6. Horseman; DJ Fi Di Year
  7. Flourgon; Bounce
  8. Josey Wales; Stamp Out
  9. Ninjaman; More Reality
  10. Red Dragon; Duck Dance
  11. Junior Reid; One Blood
  12. Wayne Wonder; Saddest Day
  13. Foxy Brown; All My Love
  14. Beenie Man; Battery Dolly
  15. Mad Cobra; Throne Face
  16. Sean Paul & Mr. Vegas; Haffi Get De Gal Ya
  17. Papa Kojak; Holy Water
  18. Peter Metro; Backway Talking
  19. Tiger; Look Like Me
  20. Clement Irie; Come A Me
  21. Chaka Demus; Big Bad & Bold
  22. Papa San; Run The Route
  23. Admiral Tibet; Rush
  24. General TK; 100%
  25. Red Fox & Screechie Dan; Pose Off
  26. Singing Melody & Captain Nemo; Patsy
  27. Dirtsman; Simmer Down
  28. Skeng Gee; Gun Connection
  29. Cutty Ranks; Hand Grenade
  30. Cutty Ranks; A Who Seh Me Dun (Wake De Man)
  31. Junior Car; Dead Again
  32. Bounty Killer; Murderer (Remix)
  33. Chaka Demus & Pliers; Murder She Wrote
  34. Admiral Bailey; Gyal Uno Sweet
  35. Beenie Man; Cool Yu Toe
  36. Simple Simon & Sister Smurf; Bogling Queen
  37. Louchie Lou; If I Was A Rich Girl
  38. General Levy; Champagne Body
  39. Cutty Ranks; Limb By Limb
  40. Flourgon; Whine Up You Waist
  41. Wayne Smith; Wa De Woman Want
  42. Don Angelo; No You Without Me
  43. Little Lenny; Gun In A Baggie
  44. Wayne Marshall & Elephant Man; Weed Smoke (Remix)
  45. Lady Mackerel; Money
  46. Little Kirk; I'll Make Love To You
  47. Jigsy King; Greatest Wish
  48. Cutty Ranks; Armed & Dangerous
NEXT WEEK: Robot Love.


  1. whats that riddim on the first few tracks? sounds nice

  2. I'll go ahead and break the whole thing down:
    1-5: Joyride Riddim
    6-10: Duck Riddim
    14-16: Street Sweeper Riddim
    20-25: Hot This Year Riddim
    26-28: Muslim Riddim
    30-37: Bam Bam Riddim
    38-39: Fever Pitch Riddim
    40-42: Clinic Riddim
    43-44: Gun In A Baggy Riddim
    45-47: 21st Century Riddim

  3. Yo mate, I'll blogroll you up. Feel free to do the same...

  4. thanks for the bread down. you are an educator...yes sire! -Z

  5. thanks for the break down. you are an educator...yes sire! -Z

  6. Your mix tapes are dope. Love it. We'll help spread the word. Do you throw down any grime from time to time?

  7. So GREAT! Nice smooth mix... Kept me goin'. Really opened me up to Tin Pan. On to Robot Love!


  8. Yo man awesome mix. Inspiring to a dj.