Monday, May 3, 2010

Week 49: Golden Era Happy Hardcore

Another happy hardcore tape. Hate all you want—I LOVE THIS STUFF SO DANG MUCH AND I WILL NOT BE DISSUADED.

Like jungle, happy hardcore spent 1993 breaking away from the old breakbeat hardcore rave paradigm, and 1994 finding its own identity. By 1995 it had really come into its own as a distinct genre—still tied to jungle and rave, but with its own unique sound and aesthetic. It lasted for a couple of years before devolving into an even-cheesier breakbeat-free kind of hyperpop for the Dance Dance Revolution crowd (much like jungle eventually evolved into clownstep drum & bass).
Anywho, this tape focuses those prime years for UK Happy Hardcore, 1995-1997. Enjoy!

  1. Infernus; I Want Your Love (UK Breakbeat Remix) (Rogue Trooper Happy Trax)
  2. Happy Tunes Vol. 3; Let the Good Times Roll (Happy Tunes)
  3. Pooch & Wivvy; Think (United Dance)
  4. DJ Seduction; Samplemania (Remix) (Impact)
  5. Justin Time; Help Me (Just Another Label)
  6. DJ Ham; It Would Be (Remix Records)
  7. DJ DNA feat. Jenka; Reality (Just 4 U)
  8. DJ Seduction; Higher Now (DJ Unknown & Seduction Remix) (Impact)
  9. DJ Poosie; It's Gonna Be (Remix Records)
  10. Edit V; Sensation (Vibes & Wishdokta Remix) (Impact)
  11. DJ Pooch; How It Started (Impact)
  12. Rebel Alliance; Sometimes (Remix) (Stormtrooper Recordings)
  13. Seduction & Eruption; Bust the New Jam (Hard Mix) (Impact)
  14. Happy Tunes Vol. 5 vs. Billy Bunter; Raging Desire (Happy Tunes)
  15. DJ Ham & Poosie; Master Peace (Kniteforce Records)
  16. Illogik & DNA; Kick Your Legs in the Air (Essential Platinum)
  17. Seduction & Dougal; It's Not Over (Remix) (Impact)
  18. DJ Seduction; Drop the Bass (Vibes & Wishdokta Remix) (Impact)
  19. Highlife & Style; Give it to Me (Remix) (Happy Jack Productions)
  20. Frantic & Impulse; Spiced Up (4 The Floor Recordings)
  21. Substate; Take Me Up (Rogue Trooper Happy Trax)
  22. Vibes & Wishdokta; No More Tears (Impact)
  23. Happy Tunes Vol. 8; Positive Energy (Happy Tunes)
  24. Vibes & Wishdokta; Passion (Rogue Trooper Happy Trax)
NEXT WEEK: Deep House.


  1. Thanks for giving so much info about the music ; I was always wondering what this style was called !!

  2. This stuff has always been a guilty pleasure for me. Thanks for another great mix.

  3. this is pretty oldschool.
    ppl who listen to happyhardcore nowadays are likely to smile about this. happy hardcore has changed a LOT since this mixtape hehe.
    if u wanna find out, what happy hardcore is like these days, then go on youtube und search for clubland xtreme 6

    greetings, Tim

  4. This one is probably going to drum up a whole lot of memories from back in the day! FLASHBACKS. Love these mixtapes you do! (still have the Moroder one on repeat!)

  5. What a great blog - your mixes are so rich. Give this guy an oscar. Please can we have a Chopped and Screwed mix?

    PS. Ive got some mixes you may like over on our blog.. even the stars look like a mess, is a fav of mine.

  6. Epic, such a jammer. This mix gets better every time I listen to it.

  7. You should have heard what they said about the old Ludwig Von in his own era... this stuff will be remembered as the soundtrack to the fin-de-siecle of the 21st century...



  9. AWESOME! Takes me back to my teens, man i had a lot of energy back then! Like the previous poster said this is definitely one of my guilty pleasures! Sunny day with the window down and this playing zooming along the road!


  10. This is the soundtrack to my early teens, still stands up today - great music. Cheers for the all the mixes, a real treasure trove.

  11. Goose flesh! Flashed back to my teens.. I love it! Also the jungle tapes reminds me of a time when we were travelling to London only to get these tape packs.

    Outstanding project!