Monday, November 9, 2009

Week 24: Ghettotech

This week I've got a tape of Ghettotech, which for you uninitiated folks is a genre of uptempo dance music we have here in the Midwest. The music (and the name "ghettotech" itself) originated in Detroit, and is essentially sped-up Detroit techno with a heavy dose of Miami bass music and Chicago ghetto house influence. It's fast, it's bass-heavy, it's got a lot of dirty words—it's similar to Juke, but there are some key differences that a lot of people overlook: ghettotech tends to stick to either four-on-the-floor style drum patterns or traditional Miami bass electro drum patterns, whereas juke is a lot more all over the place rhythmically; ghettotech makes a lot less use of the tom tom drum as a melodic instrument; and ghettotech tends to be "techier" or more futuristic sounding, whereas juke has a lot more of a pronounced soul, hip hop, and R&B influence. The last few years have seen a lot of music press types failing to understand this distinction, so take note. Anyway, here's the tape!

Chrissy's Year of Mixtapes Week 24: Ghettotech
  1. DJ At Will; Don't Stop
  2. Detroit Grand Pubahs; The Clapper
  3. Santone; D-Tech
  4. Technasia feat. DJ Godfather & DJ Omega; Ghett-O-Freak
  5. Drexciya; Water Walker
  6. Bitch Ass Darius; Bang Dat Butt
  7. Aux 88; We Make Beats
  8. De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig; Watskeburt (Inst. Remix)
  9. Coon Daddy; Down 4 A Creep
  10. DJ Assault; Deep
  11. Jkamata; I Like 2 Ride U
  12. Mr. Dé; Time Space Scrilla
  13. Disco D; Keys To The Whip
  14. Electric Soul;
  15. DJ Godfather & Coon Daddy; One Time On The Mic
  16. AJ McGhee; Why You Lookin' At Me
  17. DJ Godfather; Get Down
  18. Detroit Grand Pubahs; Ride
  19. Drexciya; Bubble Metropolis
  20. Aux 88; Direct Drive
  21. DJ Marquis; Bounce It
  22. DJ Godfather & Coon Daddy; Player Haters In This House
  23. DJ Assault; Mouth Blew Out
  24. DJ Assault; Weave Pulled Out
  25. DJ Omega; All The Way Down
  26. DJ Guy; Freak It All Night
  27. Craig Diamonds; Freaky Wit U
  28. DJ Baddmixx; White Tees Remix
  29. Los Hermanos; Quetzal
  30. Erotek; Guess Your Weight
  31. Bitch Ass Darius; Ride
  32. DJ Godfather; Let's Go
  33. DJ Godfather; It's Yo Birthday
  34. DJ Guy; The Runner
  35. Blake Baxter; Ride 'Em Boy
  36. DJ Omega; Pop Dat
  37. DJ Godfather & Coon Daddy; I'm Everywhere
  38. Starski & Clutch; Bounce
  39. DJ Assault; Who's Fuckin' Tonight
  40. Mr. Dé & Sixfoe; Throw
  41. DJ Assault; Ass N Titties
  42. Disco D feat. BG; Hottest Of The Hot
  43. Erotek; Jit Shit
  44. Raziek; Shella Ju
  45. DJ Omega; Go For What You Know
  46. DJ Assault; Shake It, Work It
  47. Goon & Koyote; Let Me Lick You Up & Down
  48. DJ Nasty; King of Kings
  49. Coon Daddy; Big Baller
  50. Bryan Cox; Let's Go To Work (Kaptain Kadillac Remix)
NEXT WEEK: New Disco.


  1. Lameness.......


    Thanks Chrissy!


  2. Wicked mix Chrissy!
    any idea where to grab any of this sort of stuff in the U.K.?
    DSWAT maybe?
    still big up yourself!
    Luv Dave


  3. Definitely not dswat (as much as I love them)...
    a lot of this stuff is out of print, but also there isn't really a good UK specialist for this kind of stuff. Plus, a lot of the newer ghettotech stuff is digital-only these days.
    I would try taking a look at US shops: turntable lab, twilight 76 / databass, gramophone...the main distributors for this kind of stuff are submerge, twilight 76, and crosstalk.

  4. Cheers Murderbizzle!
    Defo checking these shops tonight (just hope they don't sting you too much on the shipping)

    nice bruva! keep up the good work!


  5. Niiiiiiiiiiiice. Although I'm a little iffy on "Weave Pulled Out" - Assault really shouldn't have redone it with the added "General MIDI James Brown" stylings ;) Thanks for putting my tracks in the mix.

  6. Check out Militant Science, not really ghettotech vocals, but has the speed, pace and general jacking quality a lot of this stuff has.

  7. This keeps me movin'! Sick shit! Thanks so much!


  8. Hey, been loving this mix for well over a year now— there are a lot of ghettotech mixes on the net but this one I have found is the most consistent all the way through. I also started running for exercise recently and find the tempo is perfect for keeping a steady pace— I keep my right foot in time with the kickdrum and my left on the snare/clap (basically like playing a real drum kit). This is boss! THANKS!

    Jason (your fan in Detroit)

  9. My only wishes for this mix would be DJ Assault's "Sex On The Beach" or more tunes by Mr. De- but even without them it is rad as hell.

    and ps, serious respect to your encyclopedic knowledge of electronic music.