Monday, March 22, 2010

Week 43: Eurodisco

I've mentioned the existence of Eurodisco in passing a few times over the life of this blog, but I figured it was time to give it a proper introduction. In the mid-1970s, as disco left the confines of Philly and NYC to take over the world, you suddenly had record producers all over the world deciding to try their hand at disco.
European record producers like Giorgio Moroder and Jean-Marc Cerrone, presumably after realizing they sucked at being 'soulful', replaced Philly's R&B string arrangements with fluffy pop hooks and a ton of synths (thus beating the Italians, Quebeckers, and San Franciscans to the punch with the whole "synth disco" thing).
These European tunes started getting imported back into America and blowing up our charts by about 1975—the term "Eurodisco" came into existence shortly thereafter. This stuff pretty much ruled European pop radio (and club life) from that point until the rise of house music in 1986. It was a huge influence in the development of Italo Disco, Quebecois Disco, Hi-NRG, Italian House, Rave, Belgian Techno, and pretty much everything else that's come out of Europe's dance scenes since then.
So yeah, here's a mixtape. I know Giorgio Moroder is woefully underrepresented on this one; that's because I'm planning a Giorgio Moroder mixtape in about a month.

  1. Roboterwerke; High On Tech (RCA Victor, 1981)
  2. 202 Machine; Get Up (Rock Your Body) (Baby Records, 1979)
  3. Back In Time; El Condor Pasa (Carrere, 1978)
  4. Cerrone; Supernature (Malligator, 1977)
  5. Nancy Nova; The Force (Hansa, 1981)
  6. Risque; The Girls Are Back In Town (Polydor, 1982)
  7. Mike Mareen; Double Trouble (Night'n'Day, 1986)
  8. The Chaplin Band; Madman's Discotheque (Casey Jones Disconet Remix) (Bovema Negram, 1978)
  9. Suzi Lane; Harmony (Oasis, 1979)
  10. Sylvia Love; Instant Love (Chrissy Re-Edit) (RCA, 1979)
  11. Ottawan; Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart) (Carrere, 1981)
  12. Music Machine; Can You Feel My Heartbeat? (Pye Records, 1979)
  13. ABBA; Voulez-Vous (Polar Music International, 1979)
  14. Mike Mareen; Dancing In The Dark (Galactica Remix) (Night'n'Day, 1984)
  15. Rockets; Space Rock (IPG, 1977)
  16. Cerrone; Phonic (Malligator, 1985)
  17. Harry Thumann; Underwater (Baby Records, 1979)
  18. Marc Harris; Airport (Hansa, 1981)
  19. Five Letters; Got Got Money (And I Moo) (Malligator, 1979)
  20. Queen Samantha; Close Your Eyes (Jonathan, 1983)
NEXT WEEK: The Year In Rave—1992 (Part 2).


  1. Cute selection, always a pleasure to hear some Mike Mareen thrown in (btw have you heard his cover of Simon&Garfunkel's Cecilia?). But weren't Ottawan Canadians?

  2. I believe Ottawan was singers from the Caribbean, transplanted to Munich, and produced by a German and a Frenchman...the group name is deceptive!

  3. Their Russian-language site (unofficial) states they recorded their first single, D.I.S.C.O., in Ottawa, hence the name. Not sure whether it's true or false. Still a chance to ask them in person as they frequently tour Russia's nostalgy circle venues.

  4. The writing-production team was a Belgian & a Frenchman, working with vocalists out of the whole Munich-based Boney M camp. It's very possible that they recorded the first single in Canada, but plenty of bands travel to record at particular studios...

  5. Nice. Enjoyed this quite a bit. Can definitely feel the influence of EuroDisco!