Monday, February 8, 2010

Week 37: UK Funky


Ok now that I've gotten that off my chest, we can get down to business. UK Funky is this big deal genre that has been blowing up mega-huge for the last year and some change, but what is it? Well basically, think of it as UK Garage + Grime + R&B+ Dancehall + Soca + Dubstep over a House music template. It's important to note that very few of these guys have much of an education in house music; they come from grime/garridge/dubstep and so this stuff is VERY detached from American "traditional" house culture. Sometimes that's awesome (you get a lot of new, crazy, left-field ideas that would never make their way into standard house records), and sometimes it's terrible (you get a lot of clueless punters unwittingly rehashing the most embarrassing clich├ęs in house music because they don't really have a background in the genre). As such, this is one of those genres where a lot of it is horrible, but the good stuff is some of the best new music out there right now (in my opinion). So here's a mixtape—far from definitive, and definitely an outsider's perspective on an essentially London genre, but here goes.

(Note: A lot of these are white labels, dub plates, unreleased tunes, etc. For things that are actually out on a label, I've included the name of said record label.)

Chrissy's Year of Mixtapes Week 37: UK Funky.
  1. Gracious K; Migraine Skank (white label)
  2. Cooly G; Narst (Hyperdub)
  3. Lil Silva; Different (Kingdom Remix feat. Jazmine Sullivan)
  4. Maxwell D & Lil Silva; Blackberry Hype (Different Riddim)
  5. Atki2; Sundial
  6. DJ Champion; Motherboard (white label)
  7. Roska & Jamie George; Wonderful Day (Roska Kicks & Snares)
  8. L-Vis 1990; United Groove (MJ Cole Remix) (Mad Decent)
  9. Bubbz; Citizens of the City (Bok Bok Dub)
  10. Egyptrixx; Phones (Aaah! Real Monsters)
  11. Kanji Kinetic; Thrill Seeka (Sleazetone)
  12. Drop The Lime feat. Carrie Wild; Set Me Free (Lil Silva Remix) (Trouble & Bass)
  13. Stush; We Nuh Run (Sirens Riddim)
  14. Roska; Elevated Level (Kingdom Edit feat. Brandy)
  15. Fuzzy Logik; What Goes Around (white label)
  16. Fingaprint Production; Night Time (Invasion)
  17. Diamond feat. Sophia Romai; Flyaway (Spoilt Rotten)
  18. Donae'o; Watching Her Move (My-ish)
  19. Dark Knight; My Bitch (It's Funky)
  20. Fuzzy Logik feat. Egypt; In The Morning (Relentless Records / Virgin)
  21. Perempay & Dee feat. Katie Pearl; In The Air (Bopstar's Wonky Mix) (white label)
  22. Fuzzy Logik; Twiss (white label)
  23. WunnaDemWuns; I Feel (Ear Dis)
  24. Bok Bok; Ripe Banana (Dress 2 Sweat)
  25. Ghislain Poirier feat. MC Zulu; Go Ballistic (Toddla T & Duckbeats Remix) (Ninja Tune)
  26. Tigerstyle feat. Vybz Kartel & Money P; Balle! Shava! (Dirty Canvas v. Sinden Remix)
  27. Sticky feat. Marvin Brown; Jack It Up
  28. Reese Project; Direct Me (Chrissy Refix)
  29. Hanuman; Bola (Atki2 Remix) (Idle Hands / Sleazetone)
NEXT WEEK: Chicago House.


  1. Right on the money again Chrissy!!

    Finally managed to link you in. Maybe you could do the same in return?

    Loving this site more every month my man :)

  2. "Narst" is a BIG tune for me... a constant go-to track.

  3. Id like to nominate Midget as the worst genre name.

    NTL, enjoying the mix and the blog. PZ

  4. good selection

    the MJ Cole remix of 'United Groove' in particular is just awesome

  5. Kick ass, I wondered where UK Garage and Grime went... Great mix.


  6. link doesn't seem to be working on what looks like a fine mix!

  7. server maintenance--most of the mixes are down right now. they'll all be back up by morning!

  8. lovely stuff, downloading now.