Monday, December 14, 2009

Week 29: Bassline House

This week's mixtape features a genre that has consistently been one of my favorites over the past couple of years: Bassline House.
It's British, it's mostly from the North, and it's essentially a second wave of '90s Speed Garage (which itself was a style of uptempo, bass-heavy house music drawing from 2-Step, Jungle, and R&B). Much like Dubstep, Bassline is a new reinterpretation of these influences. It sounds pretty much like the name: fast, garridgey house tunes with HUGE basslines.
In keeping with the rest of those scenes, the demographics in Bassline tend to be pretty working class: black youts of west indian descent and chavvy white guys in track suits, along with your standard mix of art school hipsters and post-jungle/breakcore rave burnouts. I ADORE THIS COMBO.
Sadly, Bassline seems to be on the wane. In London & the rest of the south it's been completely supplanted by UK Funky; I imagine it's still got a strong fanbase Up Norf, but I couldn't say for sure.
Anywho, here's a little retrospective of what I've been listening to in the past couple of years. By no means a definitive look at the "classics" of the genre—just what I think is good.

Chrissy's Year of Mixtapes Week 29: Bassline House.
  1. Piddy Py feat. MNT; Get Loco
  2. Mr. Virgo; Hypnotiq
  3. The Wideboys feat. Sarah Saville; What You're Thinking (Up Norf Dutty Mix)
  4. Jagged Edge; Walked Outta Heaven (Burgaboy Remix)
  5. Wittyboy; Curry House
  6. Dexplicit; Karma (Dex Mix)
  7. A1 Bassline feat. Safi; Girl Thing
  8. Jinder; Youth Blood (Squire of Gothos Remix)
  9. Brett Maverick feat. NE1; Chop Of Them
  10. DS1; Lock Off
  11. DJ Murkz; Datz Me
  12. N.B. Funky; Nutz (Bassline Remix)
  13. Ace Of Base; All That She Wants (Dexplicit Remix)
  14. Blackstar; Time & Time Again
  15. Dizzee Rascal; Sirens (Big Ang Remix)
  16. Mr. V; Motherfuckers
  17. Luniz; I Got 5 On It (B.U.N. Remix)
  18. Mask; Gangster
  19. DJ Q; Gangsters
  20. Subzero; Bring It Back
  21. Perempay & Dee feat. Katie Pearl; In The Air (Rekless Mix)
  22. The Wideboys; Project Bassline
  23. Rubi Dan & The Heatwave / DJ Q; Walk & Wine (Dutty Wine)
  24. DJ Q; Love Like This
  25. Diamond feat. Terri Walker; I Think I'm In Love (Burgaboy Remix)
  26. Piddy Py; Leekers
  27. Natasha Bedingfield; Single (Delinquent Remix)
  28. WunnaDemWuns; I Feel (Wittyboy Remix)
NEXT WEEK: The Year in Rave—1993.


  1. i really like(d) it too, sadly everybody moved to uk funky

  2. Bassline was never big in London. It's still massive up here (Northern England) and the Midlands.

  3. Big up, can't beat some good bassline

  4. Feel like I'm enjoying some kind of extremely guilty pleasure whenever I listen to stuff like it soo much!