Monday, July 13, 2009

Week 7: Sleaze Tape

This week I've got a tape of a sub-sub-sub-genre of disco—Sleaze. Back in the day you had these humongous gay clubs (like Trocadero Transfer in San Francisco, or The Saint in New York), and on the weekends they generally chugged along until 10am (or later) in a big drug-fueled dance orgy. "Sleaze" (or "Morning Music", as it was sometimes called) was the term for the slow disco stompers that got played in the wee hours, after 6am or so, when only the hardcore dancers were left. To some DJs this meant slow/happy/dramatic, to others it meant slow/slutty/raunchy...the impression I've always gotten is that if you really wanna split hairs, 'morning music' describes the former and 'sleaze' describes the latter. Anyway, here is a mix of stripped-down slimey slutty sunrise disco to serve as the soundtrack for you and your pals doing amyl nitrite and having sex in public.

Chrissy's Year of Mixtapes Week 7: Sleaze
  1. Claudja Barry; Love For The Sake Of Love (Casablanca)
  2. Love International; Dance On The Groove & Do The Funk (Chrissy Re-Edit) (Moby Dick)
  3. Donna Summer; Love To Love You Baby (Casablanca)
  4. Peter Brown; Do Ya Wanna Get Funky With Me (T.K. Disco)
  5. Tamiko Jones; Let It Flow (Tom Moulton Mix) (T.K. Disco)
  6. Jones Girls; You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else (Philadelphia International)
  7. Evelyn Thomas; Heartless (M&M Mix) (Vanguard)
  8. Giorgio Moroder; Too Hot To Touch (Instrumental) (Teldec)
  9. Robey; Bored & Beautiful (Shep Pettibone Mix) (Silver Blue)
  10. Misty Lane; Contrôle (Celsius)
  11. Kid Creole & The Coconuts; I'm A Wonderful Thing, Baby (ZE Records)
  12. Dusty Springfield; Baby Blue (Horse Meat Disco Re-Edit) (Horse Meat Disco)
  13. Sarah Dash; Low Down Dirty Rhythm (Megatone)
  14. Fern Kinney; Groove Me (T.K. Disco)
  15. Boney M; Dancing In The Streets (Sire)
  16. Chris Rainbow; Body Music (Disconet)
  17. Sylvester; I Need Somebody To Love Tonight (Fantasy)
  18. Vera; Don't You Want My Love (Matra)
  19. Sylvester; Give It Up (Don't Make Me Wait) (Fantasy)
  20. Claudja Barry; If I Do It To You (Ensign)
  21. Sinnamon; I Need You Now (Jive)
NEXT WEEK: Bobby Orlando.