Monday, August 9, 2010

Guest Mix: Atki2 / Karnival

After a long delay, here is our first My Year of Mixtapes guest mix! It's from good friend and awesome Bristol-based DJ/producer Atki2, and the genre is Karnival (which basically means the crossover between Caribbean music and UK bass music: Bashment + UK Funky/Tropical + Soca + UK Garage + Dancehall + South African House + Bubbling + whatever else fits in there).
As one half of Monkey Steak and one of the guys behind the Ruffnek Diskotek nights in Bristol, Atki2 has done a lot to push this sound, so it only makes sense that he would be the go-to guy to handle this genre. There's a lot of huge classic genre-defining anthems on here, as well as some top secret exclusives. Enjoy!