Monday, December 13, 2010

Ghetto House Classics (Abstractor Podcast exclusive)

Ghetto House (or Booty House) is basically just a fast, dirty style of house music that came out of Chicago in the 1990s, and paved the way for juke and footwork. I grew up in Kansas City, and we heard this stuff at all the raves back in the day–it was a major staple of growing up as a party kid in the Midwest. Here's a mix I did for a really awesome blog called Abstractor of all my fave Ghetto House tunes.
Original article:

  1. DJ Gant-Man & DJ Skip; Kick It Off (Dance Mania)
  2. Paul Johnson; Feel My M.F. Bass (Dance Mania)
  3. Flat Circuit (Metal X); Feel My D.I.Y.M. (Dance Mania)
  4. DJ Deeon & DJ Funk; Let It Be House (Universal Funk)
  5. To Kool Chris; House Music All Night Long (Underground Construction)
  6. Wax Master Maurice; Stop Screamin' (Dance Mania)
  7. DJ Chip; Bang Bang Skeet Skeet (Dance Mania)
  8. Steve Poindexter; Computer Madness (LJS Mix) (Dance Mania)
  9. DJ Chip; Bald Head Scoochie Rat (Dance Mania)
  10. DJ Deeon; Rubber Track (Dance Mania)
  11. DJ Slugo; Where The Rats (Dance Mania)
  12. DJ Thadz; Chicken Headz (Dance Mania)
  13. DJ Slugo; Where U From (Dance Mania)
  14. DJ PJ; Where Ya From (Dance Mania)
  15. DJ Milton; Southside Beatdown (Dance Mania)
  16. DJ Funk; Ain't It Funky (Dance Mania)
  17. DJ Slugo; Wouldn't You Like To Be A Hoe (Dance Mania)
  18. DJ Milton & DJ Slugo; Another Hoe (Dance Mania)
  19. Strictly Traxx; Untitled (Underground Construction)
  20. Pushpac presents DJ Fatman; Feels Great (Dance Mania)
  21. DJ Funk; Pass It Around (Dance Mania)
  22. Steve Poindexter; Work That Motherfucker (Muzique)
  23. DJ Milton; Wait (Dance Mania)
  24. Jammin Gerald; Da Love (Dance Mania)
  25. Cajmere; Coffee Pot Percolator (Clubhouse Records)
  26. DJ D-Man; Dooky Boody (Dean Records)
  27. Rockin' Duke; The Bass (Underground Construction)
  28. Groove Pimps!; N 2 da Gruv (Underground Construction)
  29. Donieus; Shake Yo Booty & Dance Crazy (Underground Construction)
  30. Parris Mitchell Project feat. Waxmaster; Ghetto Shout Out (Dance Mania)
  31. DJ Deeon; Work This M.F. (Dance Mania)
  32. DJ Milton; Suk The Dik (Dance Mania)
  33. Trak O Holik; Bam (Underground Construction) 
  34. Jammin' Gerald; Pump That Shit! (Dance Mania)
  35. Jammin' Gerald; Holy Ghost (Dance Mania)
  36. DJ D-Man; Shake Yo Money Maker (Flip Da'Script Records)
  37. DJ Funk; Fast & Crazy (Funk Records)
  38. Pushpac presents DJ Fatman; Back N Da Day (Dance Mania)
  39. Flat Circuit (Metal X); Bang Dem Fuckin' Walls (Dance Mania)
  40. Waxmaster; Clap It Up (Shake Yo Ass) (Freakmode)
  41. Jammin' Gerald; Move It (Dance Mania)
  42. DJ PJ; Beat It Up (Dance Mania)
  43. Top Cat; Work Out (Dance Mania)
  44. DJ Deeon; Every Freakin' Day
  45. DJ DMC; Birth Control (Dance Mania)
  46. Paul Johnson; Movin' Baby (Nite Life)
  47. Dance Works! feat. White Knight; Yo Baby Yo (Acid Mix) (Underground Construction)
  48. DJ Deeon & DJ Funk; Pony (Deeon's Mix) (Universal Funk)
  49. Pushpac presents DJ Fatman; Between Me & You (Dance Mania)
  50. Jammin' Gerald; Pump On The Floor (Remix) (Dance Mania)
  51. The Marlboro Man; Hankee Pankee (DJ Trajic Mix) (Underground Construction)
  52. DJ Deeon; Shake What Mama Gave Ya (Databass)
  53. DJ Funk; Pump It Girl 
  54. Jammin' Gerald; Hold Up (Dance Mania)
  55. Debo; Spit Game (Dance Mania)
  56. DJ Slugo; Bounce Dat Ass (Databass)
  57. David Grantham; Daisy Dukes (Dance Mania)
  58. Erik Travis; Return of Voices (Databass)
  59. Traxmen & DJ Lil'Tal; Trax 4 Da Women (Dance Mania)
  60. DJ Puncho; Get Down Low (Dance Mania)
  61. DJ Nephets; Lay It Down (Booty Bar Records)
  62. Waxmaster; Footwork (Databass)
  63. DJ Funk; Doggy Style (Funk Records)
  64. DJ Deeon; Boody Mover (Dance Mania)
  65. DJ Slugo; Back That Thing Up Slow 
  66. RP Boo; Baby Come On
  67. RP Boo; 114799 (The Godzilla Track) (Databass)


  1. wow. best mix i've heard in a long time. Chills all through out the 43 minute mix!!!
    p.s. you're the first person i've seen credit RP Boo for the godzilla track. this track gets credited wrong all the time

  2. Some hard azz sh... i ain't never heard nuthin like it... can't touch this. keep up the good work dj. im just gettin on board. ive been wanting to dj since i was young. now i have you as a protege. love it.hell yeah its in the miXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

  3. hey Chrissy, I only ever see 114799 credited to DJ Slugo too, as it is on the Databass record -- any idea why Boo didn't get credit?