Monday, December 20, 2010

8-Hour House Party Mix

As some of you may know, I recently shot a music video for "The Vibe Is So Right", a song I made with MC ZULU that's coming out in the Spring on Planet Mu. We had a shoot that involved people dancing to the song (which happens to be 130 beats per minute), and we needed all the dancing to be in sync with  the song, but I didn't wanna force everybody to listen to the song itself over and over again through the whole 8-hour shoot. The solution? An 8-hour mixtape at 130bpm, duhhh.

Obviously I didn't do this live in one take--this one I pieced together in a DAW. I don't want all that hassle to go to waste, so I'm posting the entire 8-hour mix for everybody to download. Feel free to use it as the soundtrack for your next house party, or as the background for all your other 8-hour activities: the work day, sleeping, getting a new driver's license, taking the Megabus home for Christmas, etc.

Chrissy Murderbot 8-Hour House Party Mix (695MB)
Tracklist after the jump...

  1. Girl Unit; Temple Keys (Night Slugs)
  2. Maddslinky; Special (Instrumental)
  3. NuYorican Soul; Runaway (Spanish Underground Mix) (Giant Step)
  4. Etherealites; Matador Dub
  5. Joe Ariwa; King Moses Dub (Ariwa)
  6. Thunderous Olympian; Jack (The Movie) (Sleazetone)
  7. Lil Silva; A Million (Night Slugs)
  8. L-Vis 1990; United Groove (MJ Cole Remix) (Mad Decent)
  9. Mike Delinquent Project; Stampede
  10. Hyetal & Shortstuff; Don't Sleep (Punch Drunk)
  11. Monkey Steak; Veuve Edouard (Sleazetone)
  12. DJ Mark Flash; Sao Paulo (Underground Resistance)
  13. Dark Knight; My Bitch (It's Funky)
  14. Noise Floor Crew; How To Ruin A Train (How To Dub A Dub (PS Dub) by Chrissy Murderbot) (Dust Traxx)
  15. Doc Daneeka; Bumblebeeriddim (Pattern)
  16. Atki2; Sundial
  17. N.B. Funky; Riddim Box (It's Funky)
  18. R1 Ryders; Ricochet
  19. French Fries; Pas Nazi
  20. Altered Natives; Rass Out
  21. Phortune; Jiggerwatts (Hotmix 5)
  22. Steve Poindexter; Computer Madness (Muzique)
  23. Jack Frost; Clap Me (Trax)
  24. Bangkok Impact; Premature Ejaculation
  25. Atmosfear; Dancing In Outer Space (Lunar Beats)
  26. Afefe Iku; Mirror Dance
  27. Mauser; Jack Orchestra (Generator)
  28. ALee; Drumbeats Geh
  29. Egyptrixx; Phones
  30. Sticky; Jumeirah Riddim Sequel (Mixpak)
  31. Trak O Holik; Bam (Underground Construction)
  32. DJ Funk; Ain't It Funky (Dance Mania)
  33. Fingaprint Production; Night Time (Invasion)
  34. DJ Spen & DJ Technic; Gabryelle (D Malice Refix)
  35. Hanuman; Bola (Star Eyes Remix) (Sleazetone)
  36. Bubbz; Citizens of the City (Bok Bok Dub) (Blunted Robots)
  37. Black Science Orchestra; New Jersey Deep (FFRR)
  38. Kerrier District; Yesco (Rephlex)
  39. Has Been; Jackin' All Trades
  40. Akufen; Deck The House (Force Inc.)
  41. Greenskeepers; Gan Slam
  42. Thomas Bangalter; Club Soda (Roulé)
  43. Masters At Work; Odyssey (M.A.W.)
  44. Vapourspace; Vista Stickmana (FFRR)
  45. Chicago Connection; Dancin' (Cajmere Mix) (Cajual)
  46. DJ Milton; Suk The Dik (Dance Mania)
  47. Steve Poindexter; Computer Madness (LJS Mix) (Dance Mania)
  48. Chrissy Murderbot; Man Sized Safe (Norrit Remix) (Sleazetone)
  49. Cooly G; Narst (Hyperdub)
  50. Hostage; Valhalla (Chrissy Murderbot Remix) (Nightshifters)
  51. Ill Blu; Blu Magic
  52. Bok Bok; Ripe Banana (Dress 2 $weat)
  53. Seiji; Yesman
  54. Dark Knight; Reasons (It's Funky)
  55. Lemonade; Lifted (Ghosts On Tape Remix) (True Panther Sounds)
  56. DJ Champion; Motherboard
  57. Monkey Steak; Maghreb
  58. Aux 88; Direct Drive (Direct Drive)
  59. Bassjackers & Apster; Klumbu
  60. Robert Hood; Clash
  61. A-nti-G; Bubbling Cause Trouble
  62. Bambounou; Flaly (Dre Skull Remix)
  63. Dillon Francis & DJ Ammo; Westside
  64. Mode Hookers; Breathe
  65. Phuture; Acid Tracks (Trax)
  66. Surgeon; Floorshow II
  67. DJ Lil'Tal; Beat On The Drums (forthcoming Loose Squares)
  68. Justin Martin; Elephant Fight
  69. James Braun; ER (forthcoming Sleazetone)
  70. KRL; I Wanna Be With You
  71. Paul Johnson; Hit It Up (Riviera)
  72. Robert Owens; Bring Down The Walls (Instrumental) (Trax)
  73. Endgames; Ecstasy (Jam City Refix) (Night Slugs)
  74. Atki2 & Dub Boy; Tigerflower (Idle Hands)
  75. James Braun & Dan M; Lessons Part 1 (Mothership)
  76. Seiji; Ravin A
  77. Liquid; Sweet Harmony (XL Recordings)
  78. SL2; DJs Take Control (XL Recordings)
  79. Bizarre Inc.; Playing With Knives (Quadrant Mix) (Vinyl Solution)
  80. Skepta; Dupps
  81. Secret Agent Gel; Booker
  82. DJ Zinc; 128 Trek
  83. D1; Pitcher (Dub Police)
  84. Cardopusher; Heartbeat Jam
  85. BADXMAN; The Drop Dead Funk (Tigerbass)
  86. Suburban Knight; Shape Shifter (Peacefrog)
  87. Drexciya; Bubble Metropolis
  88. Zoo Brazil; Tokyo
  89. Fallout; Morning After (Sunrise Mix)
  90. Juketastrafe; Freaky Juke (Instrumental) (forthcoming Loose Squares)
  91. Model 500; Huesca (R&S)
  92. Underground Resistance; Codebreaker (Underground Resistance)
  93. Alan Oldham; Orietta's Theme (Generator)
  94. Outlander; Vamp (R&S)
  95. Thunderous Olympian; Hard Mode (Sleazetone)
  96. Lil Silva; Against Yaself (Night Slugs)
  97. Baobinga & Cosmin TRG; I Get Ruff (Build)
  98. Seiji; Weedkiller
  99. MJ Cole; Volcano Riddim (Prolific)
  100. James Braun; ID (forthcoming Sleazetone)
  101. Nightmares on Wax; I'm For Real (Warp)
  102. jiri.ceiver; osiac (Vogel's Funky Sola Mix) (Harthouse)
  103. James Braun; The Shakers
  104. Farley Jackmaster Funk; This Acid Life (SWAG's WGCI Master Mix)
  105. TKR; Miss U (Thunderous Olympian's Luv U Remix) (Trenchant)
  106. Masters At Work f. India; I Can't Get No Sleep (MK Remix) (Cutting Records)
  107. François Kevorkian; Moov (Angel Moraes Hot & Spicy Mix) (Ministry of Sound)
  108. Kerrier District; Illogan (Rephlex)
  109. Hanuman; Bola (Atki2 Remix) (Idle Hands / Sleazetone)
  110. A-nti-G; Full Up
  111. Fingaprint Production; Space Invasion (Invasion)
  112. Waltron; Crumit
  113. L-Vis 1990; Compas
  114. Altered Natives; I'm Just A Crush
  115. Sportin' Life Vol. 1; This Dance (R&S)
  116. Byron Stingily; Get Up (Narcotic Dub) (Nervous)
  117. Dajae; U Got Me Up (Underground Goodies Remix)
  118. Nightmares on Wax; Aftermath (Warp)
  119. Auto Kinetic; Klystron (Electric Music Foundation)
  120. Joey Beltram; Energy Flash (R&S)
  121. DJ Seduction; You & Me (FFRR)
  122. The Prodigy; Charly (Alley Cat Mix) (XL Recordings)
  123. Speedy J; Pullover (+8)
  124. S.R.I.; Cars & Girls (Force Tracks)
  125. Blackfinger; Bubble Head (More 2 Da Floor)
  126. Baobinga; Ride It (Build)
  127. DJ Zinc; Because
  128. Lil Silva; Seasons (Night Slugs)
  129. Redlight & Roses Gabor; Stupid (Instrumental) (Digital Soundboy)
  130. D51; OD (Dubbel Dutch Remix)
  131. Mike Genius; Paradise Garage
  132. Distal & Hxdb; Typewriter Tune VIP
  133. DVA; Ganja (Hyperdub)
  134. Cosmin TRG; Twilight Riddim
  135. Toy Selectah; Lamento En La Jungla
  136. Sticky; Miami Riddim
  137. Bobby Braun; Brian (Sleazetone)
  138. SWAG; Everything I Know I Learnt On Acid (Music For Freaks)
  139. Seiji; Straylight
  140. Mosca; Square One (Julio Bashmore Longhorn Remix) (Night Slugs)
  141. Thunderous Olympian; Cars (Sleazetone)
  142. Drexciya; Journey Home (Warp)
  143. Untold; Don't Know Don't Care
  144. Egyptrixx; Everybody Bleeding
  145. Kanji Kinetic; Thrill Seeka (Sleazetone)
  146. Second Phase; Mentasm (R&S)
  147. Mark One; Hoovers & Spraycans
  148. Groove Chronicles; Blakjak
  149. Baobinga & DVA; This One's Wavey (Build)
  150. Armando; Downfall (Hotmix 5)
  151. James Braun; Spanish Fly (Tartelet)
  152. Anorak; I Love Broccoli (Elektrochoc)
  153. Low Foney; Low Pressure
  154. Lil Silva; Night Skanker (Night Slugs)
  155. Atki2; Red Onion
  156. DirtyBeats; Alone In The Jungle (Swick Remix)
  157. A-nti-G; Freak It Out (Bubbling Beat)
  158. Dubbel Dutch; Throwback (Palms Out Sounds)
  159. Trustus f. Joee Irwin; Just Call Me You (Chrissy Murderbot Remix) (forthcoming Trustus)
  160. Machinedrum; Carry The Weight 
  161. DVA f. Fatima; Just Vybe (Soulepower Mix) (Hyperdub)


  1. Dude. You should get knighted for this shit

  2. Mongo! Thanks, this is freakin' brilliant. I'm lucky if I break the 80 minute barrier :) something to aspire too.

  3. Some classic old school there. Hoovers& Spraycans! RAAAAH!!

  4. This is PROPER SHIT (as in the shit, as in good)

  5. OMFG!!!!!!

    You have no idea how much this is going to help me get through the week...

    check back and find this!!!

  6. Co-sign what Solo Strike and ghostsontape (and Anon) said! And they say bigger ain't better...

  7. OMG THIS IS GOOOOOOLD !! Greetings from Tijuana México !