Monday, October 11, 2010

Mini-Mix: Happy Columbus Day!

Here's some Native American kitsch for Columbus Day. I can't believe we still celebrate this.

  1. Cory Daye; Pow Wow
  2. B.T. Express; Peace Pipe
  3. Don Armando's Second Avenue Rhumba Band; I'm An Indian Too
  4. The Heatwave & Serocee; War Dance
  5. The Sugarhill Gang; Apache
  6. Tenor Saw; Lone  Ranger & Tonto
  7. Hank Williams; Kaw-Liga
  8. Loretta Lynn; Your Squaw is on the Warpath
  9. Pinchers; Big Chief


  1. Fuck you bitchass whiny a dick

  2. Hey Chrissy,

    Do you want to explain the sentiment behind this tape? Columbus Day is an extremely creepy celebration of colonialism that tends to minimize ongoing colonial violence against the indigenous people of this land. The recent upswing in hip fetishization of "Indian" aesthetics reads to me as a disgraceful objectifying and depersonalizing form of aesthetic appropriation. Witness the hipster headdress:

    I'm tempted to infer a particular rationale behind you saying "I can't believe we still celebrate this," but I'd rather hear your own explanation.

    So I'm interested to know if you're putting this mix out to say "Fuck this appropriative, racist tendency," or if it's more like, "Ha ha, 'Native American' kitsch is cool!" Or something else.

  3. Dear Anonymous,

    it's both. I like the ambiguity.

  4. I don't know much about your background, but I'm curious as to whether or how you've questioned the position that allows you to explore/revel in that ambiguity.

    Cultural appropriation isn't an semiotic game - it's a historically-informed reality causing seriously destructive effects on people who continue to exist (think cultural eradication through assimilation, legitimizing of violence through dehumanization, etc.).

    So without having heard your thoughts on that, I find your current answer a bit unsatisfying.

  5. "So without having heard your thoughts on that, I find your current answer a bit unsatisfying."

    lucky for me my job is making mixtapes, not proving to internet strangers that i'm not a racist :)

  6. PS I love how all the comments here are either castigating me for being a whiny-ass liberal pussy or for being a reactionary conquistador collaborator