Thursday, September 2, 2010

Chrissy Murderbot Booty Mini-Mega-Mix for Strangers in Stereo

Ok so I just made a short-but-jampacked mix for Sheena Beaston & the Strangers in Stereo blog.

The mix is inspired by the Ghetto House mixtapes that were coming out of the West Side of Chicago in the mid-to-late ’90s: super rapid-fire hotmixes from people like Waxmaster, Jammin Gerald, DJ D-Man, DJ Funk, etc. I’ve tried to update that style for today with a lot of new unreleased juke and booty trax as well as a bunch of old standards. I’ve shoehorned 50+ tracks in a little over 30-minutes. Hope y’all enjoy it!
  1. Waxmaster; Hit the Flo (Chrissy Murderbot Remix) (forthcoming Ghettophiles)
  2. Jam Pony Express; The Window to the Wall (Express Records)
  3. DJ D-Man; Basement Party (Underground Construction)
  4. Boolumaster; Ice Cream Juke (unreleased)
  5. Byron Stingily; Get Up (Narcotic Dub) (Nervous)
  6. Wax Master Maurice; Stop Screamin’ (Dance Mania)
  7. Splack Pack; Scrub Da Ground (Pandisc)
  8. Luke; Scarred (Luther Campbell Music)
  9. Quad City DJs; C’Mon Ride It (The Train) (Big Beat)
  10. Arpebu; Munsta From Kavain Space (Ghettophiles)
  11. Model 500; I Wanna Be There (Dave Angel Remix) (R&S Records)
  12. DJ Chip; Juke Slide (unreleased)
  13. Jody Breeze; The Way I Move (Ghettophiles)
  14. The Art of Noise; Heart of Love (China)
  15. Chrissy Murderbot; No More Tears (unreleased)
  16. DJ Earl; Lookin’ 4 Me (Ghettophiles)
  17. DJ D-Man; One, Two, Three, Four (Flip Da Script)
  18. Erik Travis; Return of Voices (Databass)
  19. DJ Deeon; The Freaks (Remix) (Databass)
  20. Rotterdam Termination Source; Poing (Rotterdam Records)
  21. Jammin’ Gerald; Pump On The Floor (Dance Mania)
  22. Donieus; Snap (Underground Construction)
  23. DJ Gant-Man; Strings of Juke (unreleased)
  24. Monkey Steak & MC Zulu; Hyped Up (Steak House Records)
  25. DJ Godfather & Coon Daddy; One Time on the Mic (Databass)
  26. Paul Johnson; Feel My Mutha Fuckin’ Bass In Yo Face (Ricochet Re-Edit) (RZ Records)
  27. Plaid; Mfaus (Warp)
  28. Detroit Grand Pubahs; Sandwiches (Throw)
  29. DJ Spinn; I Really Feel (forthcoming Sleazetone)
  30. Xta-C; So Heavy (unreleased)
  31. DJ Milton; Southside Beatdown (Dance Mania)
  32. Mr. C the Slide Man aka DJ Casper & The WGCI Bad Boys; Juke Slide 2 (unreleased)
  33. DJ Manny; I’m Passin’ (Ghettophiles)
  34. BetaSP; Bacteria (Chrissy Murderbot Remix) (Trenchant Dubs)
  35. Chrissy Murderbot f. Tha Basix; Red Bone (Sleazetone)
  36. DJ Roc; Shot Down (forthcoming Planet Mu)
  37. Chrissy Murderbot; Heavy Butt (unreleased)
  38. DJ Rashad; Itz Not Rite (forthcoming Planet Mu)
  39. Aux88; Rated AUX (Aaron Carl Remix) (Puzzlebox)
  40. Chrissy Murderbot f. Miles Bonny; Thighs (Shinra Remix) (WIDE Records)
  41. DJ Deeon; Freak U Rite (Databass)
  42. DJ Marquis; Head Together (Nu Flava)
  43. DJ Nasty; Drop That (Matrix Musik)
  44. Daft Punk; Face 2 Face (Marvy Da Pimp Ghetto House Edit) (unreleased)
  45. Doneius; Shake Yo Booty & Dance Crazy (Underground Construction)
  46. DJ Deeon; Boody Mover (Dance Mania)
  47. Trey Songz; Neighbors Know My Name (Chrissy Murderbot Ghetto Refix) (unreleased)
  48. Jammin Gerald; Pump That Shit! (Dance Mania)
  49. Robert Hood; The Core (Tresor)
  50. Machel Montano; Madder Dan Dat (Poirier Remix) (unreleased)
  51. Remain in Jah (Chrissy Murderbot Remix) (forthcoming True Panther Sounds)


    slick biz right there ;)

  2. File not found! :(

  3. that big ole heavy butt is begging to be released

  4. it's coming out on Planet Mu in the Spring :)

  5. the mix is MASSIVE, any directions to the OG mixtapes?

  6. I had cassettes...dunno if they're online. Searching for old Waxmaster, Jammin Gerald, DJ Funk, and & DJ Deeon mixes from the 90s would be a good start :)