Monday, May 10, 2010

Week 50: Deep House

A couple of weeks ago me and my homie H**ry were discussing the term "deep house". It's existed for as long as house itself, but it's always been kind of a fuzzy concept. Originally it meant soulful, discoey R&B-based dance records. To some it means soulful diva jams with big pianos and gospel choirs and uplifting messages (i.e. NY Garage), to some it means true school Chicago-style jack trax, and to others it means minimal tech-house 6AM bubblers. Basically the only common thread between these definitions of "deep house" is that it's urban, it's somewhat traditionalist in its approach, and it's a little more sophisticated than that crazy acid rave hoover-noise nonsense that the kids are listening to.

So for my deep house mixtape, I've tried to encompass all of these varying definitions. It's definitely not intended to be a definitive mix or a best of...just some of my favorites from the last 15 years.

  1. Blaze; My Beat (BBE, 1998)
  2. Afefe Iku; Mirror Dance (Yoruba Records, 2008)
  3. The Dandruff Truckers / Erykah Badu; Way Back (Bar-B-[Q, 2004)
  4. NuYorican Soul; Runaway (Spanish Underground Mix) (Giant Step Records, 1997)
  5. François Kevorkian; Hypnodelic (Mike & Matty Show) (Wave Music, 1995)
  6. Donaeo; I (Zephron Entertainment, 2008)
  7. Chicago Skyway; Fourtone (Eargasmic Recordings, 2009)
  8. Pizzicato 5; Porno 3003 (Gusgus Remix) (Matador, 1998)
  9. Mannequin Lung feat. Divine Styler; City Lights (Mr. Hazeltine Remix) (Plug Research, 1998)
  10. The Chicago Connection; Dancin' (Cajmere's Mix) (Cajual Records, 1997)
  11. Roy Davis, Jr.; Join His Kingdom (20000st, 2000) 
  12. Thomas Bangalter; Club Soda (Roulé, 1998)
  13. Angie Stone; Brotha (Spen & Karizma Club Mix) (J Records, 2001)
  14. Jamaica Underground feat. John Lewis; Love Existing (Shelter Vocal Mix) (Wave Music, 2002)
  15. Cricco Castelli; Life Is Changing (Aroma, 1998)
  16. Cassius feat. Jocelyn Brown; I'm A Woman (Remix) (Virgin, 2001)
  17. Chrissy; untitled (unreleased)
  18. Hercules & Love Affair; Blind (Frankie Knuckles Vocal Mix) (DFA, 2007)
  19. Atmosfear; Dancing In Outer Space (Lunar Beats) (Disorient, 1997)
  20. Alexander East; Blow Your Mind (Remix) (Aroma, 2002)
  21. Joshua; Come Over 2 My Place (white label, 2000)
NEXT WEEK: Gangsta Jungle.


  1. oh oh... I've got an error 404 on the mp3... you've got some problem with the other mp3 files as well. Are you aware of that ?

  2. All the links are dead!!! :-(

  3. UPDATE:
    there was a problem with my hosting service, and since I spent all day on a transatlantic flight, I was unable to address it. I should have the mp3s back up in no time :)

  4. ANOTHER UPDATE: There was a problem with my server yesterday, so all the mp3s on this site (as well as everything for my website,, was down all day. I was on a transatlantic flight (which, to make matters worse, was being rerouted to avoid eyjafjallajokull), so I was unable to deal with it. Some people panicked.

    Anyway, it's all fixed now!

  5. any chance of an acid mix for number 52, or is that a forlorn hope?

    oh, and what do you mean by 'gangsta jungle'? is that modern ragga stuff?

  6. Thanks for fixing the dead links. I concur on an acid mix. Lots of weird psychedlic stuff out there that I'd love to hear all in one set.

  7. Yes, acid would be good. And what about silly old trance!

  8. have just downloaded about 6 of your mixes, had a little preview of some of them and really liked what I heard, some nice range of styles as well which is really appreciated. Also have to compliment you on putting a lot of different tunes on each mix, keeps the tempo going really well. Sorry for being lazy and not posting a comment for each one yet, but I should do that as soon as I have given each a good listen to.

  9. Hey, great stuff. Thanks for providing us with all these great mixes each week.

  10. This is a great mix.. along with the 90's vocal house this is my fave! I've learned quite a bit about sub-genres and you've kept my ipod full of great tunes this year. Sad to see it finish but happy for you as well - peace!!

  11. Am I being an idiot? I can't see any links to DL.

    I'd really love to hear this!

  12. Oh yeah...I was being an idiot...

    Thanks for this! Looks awesome!