Monday, August 3, 2009

Week 10: Steppas Reggae

This week we've got Steppas Reggae! One of my fave styles of reggae music, not to be confused with Steppas in the Chicago sense. Maybe I'll do a mix of that another day...

To the uninitiated or unfamiliar, reggae is sometimes perceived as slow or sluggish or whatever. Steppers (or Steppas, as you'll more often see it spelled) is a sub-genre that helps to disprove that misconception. Basically, Steppas tunes are reggae cuts where the bass drum happens on every eighth note instead of every quarter note, effectively doubling the tempo. Take a track that is 70 beats per minute (in terms of snare, cymbals, bassline, vocals, etc), but have the drummer hit the kick drum at 140, and you've got Steppas Reggae.
And yes, that is totally where all the dubstep guys stole the idea from.
Steppas is one of those reggae sub-genres that is way more popular in the UK than in Jamaica (like Lovers Rock), so it's easy to come across in south London, Bristol. etc.

Speaking of Brizzle, thanks again to my homie Dub Boy...a few of these tunes (2 & 3, and I think that's it) are from his collection.

Chrissy Murderbot's Year of Mixtapes Week 10: Steppas Reggae

  1. Mungo's Hi-Fi & Brother Culture; Jah Come to I
  2. Kenny Knots & The Roots Squad; Too Much Gunshot
  3. Joe Ariwa; King Moses Dub
  4. Glenn Ricks; If Loving You Is Wrong
  5. Mungo's Hi-Fi & Brother Culture; Barnstormer
  6. Dillinger; Jamaican Collie
  7. Mikal Rose; Stalk of Sensimilla
  8. Everton Blender; Bring the Kutchie
  9. Josey Wales & Anthony Malvo; Sensi
  10. Lieutenant Stitchie; Bun It Down
  11. George Nooks & Junior Mervin; Police & Thief
  12. Buju Banton; Concrete Jungle Rock
  13. Tinga Stewart; Dangerous Sound
  14. Cocoa Tea; Miss Good Looking
  15. Tony Curtis; Knockin' Da Boots
  16. Jack Radics; Feel Good
  17. Wayne Wonder; See Me Now
  18. Sizzla; Just One of Those Days
  19. Half-Pint; Greetings
  20. Macka B; Warrior Style
  21. Warrior King; Africa Shall Be Free
  22. Luciano; I Am That Man
  23. L.U.S.T.; Brotherly Love
  24. George Nooks & Louie Culture; No More War
  25. Capleton; In This Time
  26. LMS; You're Worth More to Me
  27. Natural Black; Woman Like You
  28. Wayne Wonder; Name Brand
  29. Capleton & Anthony Malvo; One Day Rude Bwoy
  30. Leroy Smart & Bounty Killer; Ballistic Affair
  31. Ward 21; Shotta to a Shotta
  32. Anthony B; Crime Free
  33. Boom Blast; We Need a Chance
  34. Sizzla; Live Up
  35. Luciano; Jonah
  36. Norris Man; Heathen Life
  37. Mikey Spice; You Caught Me (Chrissy Murderbot Re-Edit)
  38. Sanchez; Heaven I Need a Hug
  39. Conrad Crystal & Sugar Roy; True Love
  40. Sizzla; Your Love Is
  41. Tony Rebel; Easy to Win the War
  42. Admiral Tibbett; Yuh Nuh Hear
  43. Anthony B; Wrath
  44. Luciano; Burn
  45. Beenie Man; Oh Deh
  46. Kid Kurrupt; Smoke Weed Everyday
  47. Crush Hunter; Idle
  48. Paul Blake & The Blood Fire Posse; Rub-A-Dub Soldier
  49. Chilla Rinch; Gal a Talk
  50. Duckman; Wicked Man
  51. Pliers; Drum Pan Sound
  52. Cutty Ranks & Barry Boom; The Lovin' Boom
NEXT WEEK: 1990s Vocal House.


  1. You had my number on this one!

  2. one of my fave murderbot mixes so far. very nice, thank you

  3. I was steppin' around my cube! Nice one Chrissy! Loved hearin' #46!


  4. LOVIN the use of that Mighty Diamonds sample!! entire mix kept me smiling all day.

  5. I can't find that Sanchez tune (#38) anywhere online... would u be willing to risk your eternal salvation and rip it to mp3?

  6. email me chrissy at murderbot dot com