Monday, July 6, 2009

Week 6: Booty Music / Jack Trax

This week's tape comes in two parts—each part is 30 minutes (so pull out your C60 and get dubbing folks), and they both center on words oft-heard in the little corner of dance music that I inhabit.

Side A: Booty Music.
This mix is all tunes with the word 'Booty' in the title. They mostly deal with one of two main booty concepts in popular music—instructions on what to do with ones booty, and admiration of the booties of others. There's some disco & funk, but the bulk of the tape covers the genres sometimes collectively referred to as "booty music": Miami Bass, Juke, Ghettotech, Ghetto House, and the like, rounded off with a proper classic jungle tune for good measure.

Side B: Jack Trax.
This one is a little harder to explain to your average non-Midwestern non-dance music person. First off, forget about the New Jack Swing tape from last week; this 'jack' is completely unrelated. Here in the Chi, jacking is a dance people have been doing to house music since the very early days of the scene. The dance is jerky, jumpy, bouncy, and there are DJs who have built careers on playing nothing but "Jackin' House" or "Jack Trax"—a specific style of house that is tricky to describe but basically arranges the percussion so as to super-emphasize the 1-2-3-4, making the beat seem more pronounced.
The term "jack" has been referenced over and over by house and techno artists for more than two decades (the first house record to hit #1 in the UK was "Jack Your Body"), and the mere mention of the word to a house enthusiast stirs up nostalgia for the good old days. As the flip to the booty mix I've thrown together 30 minutes of tunes with 'Jack' in the title, all of which (save one) play on the house music sense of the word. This one might be divisive—the househeads are gonna be like "OMG CHOOOON!", but a lot of this will probably seem SERIOUSLY corny to the uninitiated. Fair warning!

Chrissy Murderbot's Year of Mixtapes Week 6, Side A: Booty Music

  1. Faze-O; Get Some Booty (She Records)
  2. KC & The Sunshine Band; (Shake Shake Shake) Shake Your Booty (T.K. Disco)
  3. The Fatback Band; Master Booty (Spring)
  4. Stylz & The J.I.Z.; Smack It Up, Flip It, Rub It Down (Look At That Booty) (Gasoline Alley)
  5. DJ U-Tern; Look At That Booty (Beatstreet)
  6. Jody Finch; Jack Your Big Booty (BHQ Vocal) (Let's Pet Puppies)
  7. Waxmaster; Booty Bounce (Freak Mode)
  8. DJ Assault; I See Booty (Dub) (Jefferson Ave.)
  9. DET Only; Booty Girl (white)
  10. DJ Assault; BootyHole (Jefferson Ave.)
  11. DJ D-Man; Dooky Boody (Dean Records)
  12. DJ Pierre; Juke Dat Juicy Booty (dub)
  13. DJ Rashad; Juke Dat Booty (Juke Trax)
  14. DJ Roc; Booty Shaking (dub)
  15. DJ Rashad; Move Yo Big Booty (Juke Trax)
  16. R. Kelly; Feeling On Your Booty (DJ Pillsbury Remix) (Juke Trax)
  17. DJ PJ; Booty Shot (Databass)
  18. Tom & Jerry; Maxi(mum) Booty Style (Tom & Jerry)
Chrissy Murderbot's Year of Mixtapes Week 6, Side B: Jack Trax
  1. Mr. Fingers; Can U Feel It (Jack Mix) (Trax)
  2. Farley Jackmaster Funk; Funkin' With the Drums Again (Jack'n the House) (Trax)
  3. Ice-T; New Jack Hustler (David Morales Remix) (Sire)
  4. Steve "Silk" Hurley; Jack Your Body (Underground)
  5. Phuture; Phuture Jacks (Trax)
  6. Farley Jackmaster Funk; Jack The Bass (Trax)
  7. Chip E; Time To Jack (House Mix) (Underground)
  8. Bobby Peru; Jack 2 The Future (20:20 Vision)
  9. Thunderous Olympian; Jack (The Movie) (Sleazetone)
  10. Mauser; Jack Orchestra (Generator)
  11. Armand Van Helden; A Track Called Jack (Southern Fried)
  12. AC Slater; Jack Got Jacked (Jack Beats Remix) (Palms Out Sounds)
  13. Baobinga f. DJ Nasty; State of Ghetto Jackin' (Trouble & Bass)
  14. Has Been; Jackin' All Trades (white)
  15. Clark; Jak To Basics (Planet E)
  16. Detroit Grand Pubahs; Nurse Hurse Jack Move (Invasion Of The Body Jackers Remix) (Poker Flat)
NEXT WEEK: Sleaze.


  1. You are nuts! I mean that as a huge compliment to your genius.

  2. My booty's all jacked up now. Great mix again!


  3. who made that mix song that went like and black, live on wax, dont stop get i get it?